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Ito was born and rasied on the Caribbean Island of Kingston, Jamaica. Ito
As a young boy, Ito's love, appreciation and passion for music and performing drove him to create his own stage and audience by singing on the street corners of Kingston and dancing at various dancehalls throughout the island for money. In his humble beginning, he could not afford to buy instruments so he made his own guitar out of plywood and drums out of zing containers.

Today, Ito is a very successful designer/upholsterer and Interior Decorator who makes his mark in the industry by introducing his own line of sophisticated, sleek and colorful design of couches and chairs, which complements his interior decorating.

As an immigrant to the United States, Ito resided in Plainfield, New Jersey where he continued to work as an Upholsterer, the field in which he was educated and trained on the Island of Jamaica. He later moved to Los Angeles, California where his love, appreciation, and passion for music compelled him to form a four-piece reggae band. The band performed for local night clubs for three years before breaking up. After the breaking up of the band, Ito moved back to Plainfield, New Jersey and then to Bridgeport, Connecticut where he is currently a resident.

His style of music presents an infusion of reggae, jazz and gospel. When asked who are the artists who have greatly influenced his style of music; his response. . . the Honorable Robert "Bob" Marley, Luciano, Nat King Cole, Mahaliah Jackson, Spirogyra, and Hiroshima; about the message in his music. . . "Teaching the principles of the most high God."





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